The Payoff is in the Preparation


We despise the preparation.

  • We like playing in the game, but we hate practice.
  • We like acing the test, but we don’t want to study.
  • We like when the numbers on the scale drop, but we hate working out.
  • We want a healthy marriage, but we don’t want to read the books and put pride aside.
  • We want the title, but we don’t want to work hard to move up the organizational ladder.

We like the payoff.

We like it when we finally achieve whatever it was we set out to achieve. We enjoy being carried off the field on the backs of our teammates.

The payoff begins in the preparation.

It’s that way in launching a startup, planting a church, building wealth, or building faith.
It’s in those times when you could be doing something easier or you could be facing easier circumstances that you reap benefits in the end. It’s in those times when you’re struggling to cling to Jesus when it seems His plan doesn’t involve you.
Jesus’ ministry didn’t start until he was tempted in the desert. [Matthew 4] The temptation didn’t begin until He prepared for it by fasting. His resurrection didn’t occur until He was murdered.
It was about the preparation. It has great payoff, but there is pain in the process.
Prep for the payoff.
Remember while you’re being prepared that the payoff is worth it.
Set your goals high.
Endure much. Stick to the path.
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