Finishing Well Means You Get To Start Well Too


We like when things “finish.”

We like it when the guy gets his girl at the end of the movie.
We like it when the good guy gets the bad guy before the closing credits.
We like it when an underdog story comes full circle to win.

We hate it when our sports end in a tie.
We hate it when someone leaves mid way through a conversation.

We like things that finish.

Until it comes to something for ourselves. When it comes to what we’re doing or what we’re struggling through, we too often leave things incomplete.

Maybe it’s because we lose passion. Maybe we lose the conviction that we have to finish. Maybe it just gets too hard. Maybe it’s painful. Maybe it required more than we thought going in.

We like things to finish, but we don’t mind leaving things undone.

Here’s my challenge to you… to me really…

Whatever you’ve been working on, finish it.

You were called to begin it (or you probably wouldn’t have started), finish it.

Maybe you’re one semester away from graduating – go back.
Maybe you’ve been praying for a family member – keep praying.
Maybe you’ve been looking for a spouse – keep being godly and trusting him.

Whatever it is, finish it!

Only then, can you start something even greater with the belief that you can do it!

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