Here’s The Secret To Understanding God’s Ways

God works in mysterious ways.

That was true when he chose to use a guy like Noah to save humanity during a flood. It was true when He chose David out of Jesse’s clan to be the king. It was true when He chose a rag tag bunch of disciples to carry the greatest message ever.

It’s still true today.

understandinggodI don’t know why He chooses to cure some people and yet others die with the same sickness. I don’t know why some people live 5 years and some live 100. I don’t know why some are left parentless and some can’t have the children they so desperately desire. I don’t know why natural disasters strike. I don’t know why some have plenty while often seemingly “better” people are left with very little.

He still does mysterious things.

That’s what makes Him God. Or, that’s why He’s God. He sees more than we do. He sees a larger picture than our small minds can fathom. God knows the details that we so often miss. God sees the entire timeline while we’re left staring at a single moment on it.

Here’s what I do know…

He’s a good God.
He loves us.
He’s everywhere.
He’s all powerful.
He’s all knowing.

You see, while we can’t understand God’s ways, we can know God.

While we may never understand what’s happening, we can know God’s heart.

That’s where so many of us get it wrong. While we’re busy trying to justify God’s behavior, He just wants us to press in to and know Him. While we’re trying to manipulate His timing, He just wants us to be mesmerized at His love.

When we seek to know God, the way He works becomes justified.
When we realize who He is, we’re less likely to get frustrated when we can’t understand His ways.
When we get to know His heart, His actions, no matter what they are, suddenly seem right.

If you’re frustrated because you can’t figure out God’s activity in your life or why you are where you are, take a step back and take a step toward God.

Press into knowing and loving Him. Abandon yourself and open your arms to Jesus. He’s given us so much more than a plan, he’s given us Himself.

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