Calendars, Time, & Memories : Productivity Means More Than You Think

When we hear the word “productivity” we usually draw some pretty quick conclusions…

  • It’s for the “professionals” who have a lot to do
  • It’s not for me
  • I’m already productive
  • Oh great, another app or book
  • Ha! You don’t know my schedule

productivityLike any other word, productivity comes with some preconceived thoughts and notions. Our past experiences with the word or even our past experiences with trying to get everything organized plays into what we think about it.

Being somewhat of a self proclaimed productivity junkie, I have to say that I have my own notions about what it means. However, as I think more about what it looks like to be truly productive and what it looks like to focus on productivity, I think it means more than most of us really realize.

It means…

Staying Sane

Simply put, productivity means you organize your day. No matter if that day is going to be filled with board meetings, appointments, or soccer practices. Productivity means you organize what’s important so you can stay sane no matter what comes your way.

Organizing the family calendar

For the stay – at – home mom, board meetings and budgets may not be on your calendar, but dinner and baseball games certainly are. For the stay – at – home mom, it’s just as important that they manage the family calendar as it is the executive. Being truly productive means that you organize those timed events so you can make sure it all “fits.”

Spending time with the people you love

Productivity ultimately means you get done what needs to get done so you can do what you really want to do. No matter who you are, what your profession is, or how large your responsibilities are, you have people that you love to be around. Being truly productive means you have time for late night outings, Christmas shopping with your spouse, or story time with your children.

So, productivity may seem far fetched for some, but it’s essential for us all. It’s actually even desired by us all.

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