Hope Of Future, Not Horror Of Past

Most people I know are really good at looking into the past.

Seeing what’s happened in their life,
seeing what they’ve accomplished,
seeing how they’ve failed,
remembering past experiences.

hopeoffutureWhile it’s definitely never wrong for us to look in the past to celebrate what’s happened and thank God for His faithfulness, I’ve noticed something…

It’s kinda rare that we look into the past and just look on the good stuff.

We often drift to past hurts,
past sins,
past mistakes,
past failures.

So, while we’re busy dwelling on the negative of the past, we often miss the opportunities of the present.

It’s important for us to keep moving forward,
to keep looking to the future and living for all that today is worth.

Don’t miss out on the hope of the future because of the horror of the past.

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