Young Leader: Climbing The Ladder Shouldn’t Be Your Goal, Here’s Why

climbingladderEvery leader wants more.

It’s part of what makes us a leader in the first place. The same thing that gives us the drive to dream dreams, cast vision, and go further is the same thing that makes us want more… want bigger.

It’s not a bad thing. The pursuit of more. It’s just a bad thing when it becomes the main thing. One of the things that I’ve been learning as a leader who’s beginning to get a little older and wiser…

Don’t seek to climb the ladder.

Why? Shouldn’t you want to do your best and stretch yourself? Absolutely.

Let those be your goal.
Let your goal be the other people that you lead.
Let your goal be the mission of the organization or business that you work for.
Let your goal be helping others.
Let your goal be maximum impact for the people around you.

You see, young leader, it’s not about us.

The second leading and life becomes about us is the second we become ineffective leaders.

Work hard.
Show up.
Be consistent.
Be humble.
Be effective.
Be loving.
Be hard on yourself.
Demand the best of others.


Don’t seek your gain.

Let the gain find you through your hard work!


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