A Personal Reflection of 2014

PERSONAL_REFLECTIONWhat a year! For everyone really. The news was filled with injustice and controversy. The world watched with anticipation on multiple occasions as news unfolded, great sporting events ended, and mid-term election results rolled in.

For me and my family, it was a year of learning, a year of praying, a year of growing. I wrote this little nugget down in my journal on January 11, 2014…

year of joy entry

Little did I know at the time of this entry how much we’d know joy and have to fight for it.

Our son, Riley, ended up being born premature. We had a fight on our hands as he had to spend the first couple of weeks of his life in the NICU to get stable enough to come home. As anyone with children knows, the first few months of the first child are trying times on our spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Melissa and I had to relearn our relationship with each other a little bit as well…. a baby really does change everything!

I became a published author this year.

Later in the year I released a book through Moody publishing. I would have never thought a book would be in my future. I never wanted to be an “author.” I didn’t go looking for it, but it found me. The stress of deadlines and word counts couldn’t take away the sheer gratitude and humbling of becoming a published author. The book has done well, but that really didn’t matter that much. I knew the message was important to a few of us… me being at the forefront.

I can’t imagine life without little Riley.

After just 8 months, Riley has been brought so much joy to us. His bright blue eyes and his captivating smile make any day brighter. The way he laughs when I make stupid faces and sing ridiculous songs makes that word “joy” really come to life.

Melissa has been such a strength and joy for me.

Her love for Riley and her commitment to Jesus inspires me just when I need it. She blesses me and strengthens me daily. We love doing life together.

What a year! 2015 here we come. Full force. Taking no prisoners. Not becoming a prisoner of circumstance or situation.

We’re taking another year of joy, of good health, of helping others, and of unwavering faith.

Will you join us?

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