3 Practical Ways For Young Leaders to Grow

GROWAs a young leader, the best thing we can do is grow. Sure, we can lead well now and do great things while we’re young, but wer’re still growing. In fact, for experienced leaders, the best thing you can do is grow as well. We’re all growing and learning as we go.

That being said, here are 3 ways to grow as a leader…

1. Be willing to do it all.

This one especially applies to young leaders. For many of us, we still aren’t quite sure of our sweet spot. We’re still searching for exactly what kind of leader we want to be. One of the best things we can do is a little of everything. Yes, sweep the floors. Yes, get your hands dirty. Yes, delegate and allow others to help you. Be willing to try all and do all. That will help us learn what everyone in our organization does (think Undercover Boss) and help us find what we do best as well.

2. Ask for guidance.

This one applies to all leaders I have to believe. Be willing to ask for guidance when you aren’t sure exactly what to do. Be willing to admit that you don’t know and seek the guidance of your leader or peers when making tough calls. The truth is, we can’t have crossed every situation and know how to handle them all. Ask for help. I think asking for guidance is one of the things that separates managers from leaders. It separates good leaders from great leaders. If you’re leading well, you want what’s best, not just what you know to do. Ask for help!

3. Make listening a priority.

When others are talking leadership or your field, listen. Whether you think they can offer good advice or not, listen. If you’re under a bad leader, listen anyway. You can always learn from what others do right and wrong. Take the time to read books on leadership. Read from people that are where you’d like to be one day. Listen to podcasts. Branch out of your comfort zone and get input and leadership advice from other places. Listen first.

What other ways can a leader of any age grow?


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  1. You mention two things here that go hand in hand – ask for guidance and listen. These are critical as we can gain so much wisdom from those who’ve already gone on before us. I would add that after we’ve asked, and listened, we should apply. If we have the knowledge, we should put it into action.


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