2 Common Mistakes Young Leaders Make in Development

MISTAKESThe world and church is in desperate need of young leaders…. good young leaders. We need senior leaders who are willing to begin passing the torch to the next generation. As I look at other young leaders and leaders in general, I see 2 common mistakes that seem to most often stifle leadership development.


Naturally, a leader wants to move. As a young leader, I often find myself trying to get out ahead of the things and the people I lead. I look at my life right now, I look at the things I lead right now and often think that what I see is the only thing I’ll ever see if things don’t change now. The truth is, it’s better to be sure than to be impatient and pull the trigger on things that aren’t correctly timed. I see young leaders all the time that start out well, are being developed well, but then jump out too early and see their development hurt in the process.


It’s easy to put things into place for a period of time, it’s another story keeping them going. In other words, as a young leader, it’s easy for me to begin practicing things in my life that I see need to be there. When I see the need for them, I can put them into place. The hard part comes in doing those practices consistently. Young leaders often fall out or fall behind because they don’t have the discipline to practice things consistently.

What other mistakes have you seen leaders make when it comes to development?


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