Effort Is In Limitless Supply

Many things in life have a short supply.

I can’t go shopping on a random spring day and slide my debit card over and over without realizing that, at some point, the thing is going to get declined.

I can’t run and run without eventually falling down from being so tired I could no longer stand up.

I can’t eat and eat without filling my stomach to the point of wanting to throw up everything I’ve eaten.

Most things are limited.
Resources aren’t everlasting and limitless.
Time is of the essence and can run out before we can blink.

Effort is always available.

No matter how long you’ve been going or how much money you don’t have, you can always give maximum effort. Effort is that little thing that transforms our thinking from, “Let me get this done,” to “Let me see if I can do this even better.” Effort is the thing that separates the great parents, teacher, husbands, wives, leaders, and managers from the good.

So whatever you’re doing today, do it with maximum effort.

Don’t try to just get by. Give it all you’ve got. It’s of limitless supply.

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