A Quick Way To Spoil It All

spoil6It seems we live in a day in time when people want to say what’s on their mind.

It also seems like we live in a day and time when less and less is becoming “correct” to actually say.

I’ve seen it recently with athletes, entertainers, hollywood stars, pastors, and young leaders…

They react quickly to something that happens in the world around them and speak, blog, or tweet before thinking.

They see something that just isn’t right in their eyes and they quickly turn to any outlet to let people know how they feel.

Or they have a differing opinion about something than someone else and so they look for the quickest and most powerful way to say it.

Leader, Mom, Dad, Human…

Think before you speak.
Think before you make it public.

Your opinion absolutely matters. What also matters is the influence you’ve worked so hard to gain and the lasting consequences of spouting something off too quickly and in the wrong way.

Let it cool. Then speak if you must.

Don’t spoil it all for what is usually not that urgent anyway.

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