3 Reasons We Like Authenticity in Others

AUTHENTICOne of my generation’s (the millennials) most sought after traits is authenticity. We live in a time and in a culture where there are more ways than ever to not be authentic. As a result, we’ve begun to value authenticity more than ever.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes this “authenticity” is a fabricated attempt to fit in. Some people desire to appear authentic that they fall right back into the trap of being fake. However, I really do believe we desire authentic people and relationship.

Here are 3 reasons we want authenticity in others…

We can trust them

If you have people in your life that are authentic, you understand this. The people you see as being real and honest are people you put your trust in. These are the people you know care about you because you’ve seen them be faithful with the trust you’ve given them in the past. Authentic people don’t hide from others and can be be trusted with information and with our emotions.

We can trust authentic people because we know they’re confident enough in themselves and who they are that they won’t share what we tell them or destroy our trust in order to appear in the know or lift themselves up.

We know how they will react

If something happens to an authentic person, we can know how they’ll react before we even tell them the news. Why? Because they are always the same person. They never put on or fake it to make themselves appear they’re someone they’re not. When faced with adversity, we know how they’ll react because of how they have in the past. Their authenticity leads to consistency in how they react.

They’re fun to be around

Authentic people are fun. Authentic people care less about what people think about them and more about just being themselves and being with people they care about. Authentic people are the ones that have deep relationships with others and can be counted on to roll with the flow and let loose most of the time.

Are you an authentic person? Why do you think we like authenticity in today’s culture?


  1. This post was so encouraging to read. Thank you for bringing authenticity to the light, I I think it is crucial for individuals to seek out others with an authentic heart and personality. Therefore, we ourselves will become more authentic towards others.


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