A Fool Proof Method For Dealing With All People

Always err on the side of love.

  • When you have a tough decision to make.
  • When you’re wondering how to respond to something someone said.
  • When you’re trying to make a relationship last.
  • When you’re in conversation.
  • When you’re leading your family.
  • When someone at the checkout line may have said something rude.
  • When others are down on their luck.
  • When you don’t know if you can serve someone anymore.
  • When you’re trying to win someone to Christ.

The situation isn’t too far gone. They’re not too far out of grace. You can still repair the relationship.

Now, don’t get erring on the side of love confused with trusting people and putting confidence in them. Sometimes, relationships have to be ended and severed.

There’s always, though, room for love.

So whatever decision you have today.
Whatever’s been weighing on your mind.

Use love.
Be love.


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