Why I Allowed My 4 Month Old To Go Through Pain

Several weeks ago, my wife and I had to take our 4 month old for his shots and check up. As any of you know that have children, watching your child get multiple shots and cry with each one is pretty gut wrenching. Sure, I know my little man will eventually fall down and get hurt, he’ll have his heart broken, and he’ll go through painful stuff in the future, but, watching him get those shots gave me a realization that…

Sometimes we have to go through present pain to prepare us for a brighter future.

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What my little guy had to go through that day at the doctor’s office was just preparation and protection from potential fatal things later. I think it’s easy for us as adults to forget that when we’re going through the pains of our present. We forget that God has promised that He has nothing but good for those that love him.

We forget that the future and the purpose he has for us is worth the preparation and the pain now.

Just a reminder to all of us that the greatest Father of all understands our pain as parents and our pain in life.

He’s preparing you.
Right now.
What you’re dealing with.
What you’re praying for.
Keep faith.
The future is bright.


  1. Jonathan, I’m right there with you. My six month old has now received shots at 2,4, and 6 months. It’s always hard to see him cry and go through pain, especially when we can’t communicate that it’s for his benefit. Even as adults, we try to create comfortable surroundings and forget the old adage “No pain, no gain.”


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