Use What You’ve Got

got2Growing up, my Dad had an old truck he used to take me to school in.

The air conditioner didn’t work, the heater didn’t work, and the defroster didn’t work. The only part of the truck besides the engine that actually worked was the cigarette lighter.

Because I loved spending time with my Dad, I used to love for him to take me to school in that old truck. I still remember having to load into the truck 30 minutes before school started when the school was just 5 minutes away so that we could thaw out the frost on the windshield.

My Dad would get into the truck, plug a little heater into the cigarette lighter, and wait for a little whole to appear in the frost or ice on the windshield. When the tiniest whole appeared, he’d stick his hand out the windshield and wipe away as much frost and ice as possible with some paper towels he kept on the dash.

You see, my Dad knew how to use what he had. 

Even though it wasn’t ideal or the most perfect situation, he knew how to make the best of it.

I think we forget that a lot of times. We forget that what we’ve been given, no matter how much or how little we think it is, is to be appreciated and used to the best of our ability.

No matter what you have today, remember…

You can’t always control what you have or where you are, but you can control what you do with it.

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