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GUESTPOSTSSince the release of Next Up: 8 Shifts Great Young Leaders Make, I’ve had the opportunity to guest post on some other blogs.

The topics vary, but most are centered around the concepts found in the book.

I thought I’d link them here in case you’re interested in taking a look (all of the lines below are clickable)…

Jon Stolpe posted a review of the book here. 

I talk about 3 essentials for great networking on Justin Lathrop’s blog here

I wrote for about 3 vital aspects of passion

I did an interview with Brian Alexander about some of the inside story on the book here

I explained why we’re better together here

I talked about how consistently being excellent is really what causes change on Joseph Foster’s blog

Don’t fear change. That was the topic of this post for Michael Perkins

A tweetable piece of advice for marriages is found here on KC Proctor’s blog

I talked about leading ourselves before leading others on Lifeway’s Threads blog

I wrote a post about being yourself and not trying to be the other people around you on Adam York’s blog


  1. Jack Adams

    I like this line, “They don’t have to be perfect… they won’t be.” Especially since I am/used to be a perfectionist and often got upset at people that acted less than virtuous. Then I realized that God’s will has not set forth to pull out and burn the tares apart from the wheat (just yet).


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