How I Keep Up With Who I’m Praying For

One of the most common asked questions for me as a pastor is the question,

“Can you pray for me?”

Being a pastor that loves people, I certainly can’t tell people no.

For years, I’ve had trouble remembering who to pray for. I’ve made attempts in the past to write them down or enter them into the reminders app on my phone, but none of that stuff ever worked. A few months ago, I decided that I needed an app or program that could handle only my prayer stuff. I didn’t want it to get confused with the other lists and to-do’s on my phone and computer.

After trying several apps made for prayer that just seemed too structured or not enough, I re-downloaded the Clear app on my phone and iPad. Since then, I’ve been using it with great success in prayer.

Here’s how I have it set up currently…

iPhone image on 2014-06-04 at 14-57-10

As you can see, I’ve made lists for each section of my life. The staff that I work with at church are in the “Friends” category. The Church category is church members, the personal is things God is teaching me or that I’m making decisions on, and family is my direct family (wife, son, mom, dad, etc).

When someone asks if I can pray for them, I open up Clear, slide my finger down to make a new item and type it in. I love how Clear uses gestures to make it so quick and easy to add a new request. I can even set up reminders if I’m praying for something at a specific time (a surgery for example). Since Clear syncs to my iPad and Mac, it’s always with me.

The only complaint I have with Clear is that there’s no way to make a note on an item. I have to make the note after the item in the list. Still, Clear has been great for managing my prayer life. It’s fast, easy, fun to use, and has enough tools without having too much to fill in when I’m adding a prayer.

Highly recommended. You can download Clear for iPhone/iPad here.


      1. I’m pretty sure God uses an Android, I think. I find it frustrating when the latest, greatest app is out and they don’t even consider Android users. I can appreciate when they say the app is pending/in development/etc, but to not even consider it makes me shake my head.


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