3 Quick Tools To Boost Productivity

productiveReminders (iOS)
If you have an iPhone, the reminders app is a gem in hiding. It’s not pretty and not effective as a stand alone productivity system, but it’s great at adding quick reminders. I use Siri with Reminders more than any other app. “Remind me to call Dan at 10am.” “Remind me to feed Riley at noon.” Just a home button hold and a voice prompt is all you need. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s dependable.

Recurring Tasks

Every one of those pesky weekly tasks I do go into my productivity manager (currently things). I have them set to reoccur every week or month or whenever I know the task is due. Even those things that I do regularly can still be forgotten or overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a week. What I do can vary greatly and things can quickly pop up. It’s important that I have a hold on what I have to do regularly. As you know, if you let those regular things go, they become big things.

Boxer (iOS)
I’ve looked high and low for an email app that works how I want it to. I use airmail on my mac and Boxer compliments it greatly on my iPhone and iPad. Boxer allows for multiple accounts, it has quick actions that can delete, send to Evernote, remind you later, and a whole bunch of other things. I love that Boxer integrates well with gmail and can even go back into the archives of my gmail account. It’s been a great addition to my dock on my iPhone and iPad.

Your turn. What are some productivity boosters you can share?


  1. Neil

    Sorry i’m a little late here but would like to ask a question about Boxer. Its been 3 months roughly since you wrote this article. Is Boxer still performing well. I haven’t heard of this before and i am not totally in awe with the native IOS mail app so would like to find something else.


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