3 Times to Adjust Our Personal Systems

SYSTEMS2No matter who you are or what you do. No matter if you consider yourself a leader or not. You have systems in your life. You have processes and systems hat you run through everyday in just about every situation.

Whether it be your “system” for getting started with your day in the morning, your system for paying bills each month, or for staying fit and healthy, we all have things in our lives that help it run more smoothly.

Every now and then, it’s good for us to take a look at the processes and systems in our personal lives and evaluate just how effective they are. What could have been the most effective and comfortable way of doing something last year could have changed now that life has changed.

Here are 3 times we need to evaluate the systems and processes in our lives…

1. When the old systems seem to be tiring you out more than keeping you going.

– Simply put, when the system quits working for you, it’s time to quit working with it. Systems and processes are always put in place to help things run more smoothly. If the system is taking resources and energy rather than providing solutions, it’s time to change it up. In life, your system of waking up in the morning may not be getting your day off to a solid start anymore. Change it up!

2. After a major life change.

– My wife and I recently had our first child. As you may know, that completely changes things in your life. Maybe someone in your family just moved out or maybe you have a new addition in your home as well. It could be time to change up how you get the kids from school, how you date your spouse, or how you plan dinner. A major life change can require major life shifts.

3. When things seem stale.

– Sometimes, we just have to get out of the rut. When the system just seems old and stale and joy sucking, maybe it’s time to change it up. It may not be a major change, but maybe you just need to change a time or a day of the week for something. Just don’t let life get stale. Enjoy it.

What systems do you have in life? When have you changed these up in the past?


  1. This is great, Jonathan. I am a “systems” guy and find myself retooling semi-regularly. Maybe it’s time for another evaluation of how good my current systems are!


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