6 Old Sayings That Are Still True

You’ve heard in conversation sentences that begin with, “As the old saying goes…”

Sometimes, that cues us to immediately think that what is going to follow is going to be an outdated and untrue statement. The other day, someone started a sentence in conversation that way and what they said made a lot of sense. That got me to thinking about other olds sayings that are true…

God don’t make no junk
I used to hear this one all the time from my parents growing up. It’s true. No matter how you feel about yourself, God has never made a mistake and He didn’t start when he made you.

What goes around, comes around
You reap what you sow. That’s a biblical principle and it’s still true today. If we sow hate, that’s what we’ll get back. If we sow honor, we’ll be honored. It’s the way things go. The questions is, what am I sowing?

Home is where the heart is
Home isn’t necessarily a house that you’re staying in, home is where you feel most comfortable. Ask anyone who is away for an extended business trip or a college student moving out on their first time and they’ll tell you that their home isn’t where they are, but where they feel like they belong.

You can’t please everyone
Can I get an amen? It’s true. You and I can’t please everyone. We can’t even please all of the people that are close to us. Our goal? To please God and give everything we have at all times to the people around us. We have to think of others and treat them with respect, but we don’t have to please them… and we can’t please them all!

The longest journey begins with the first step
Whatever you’re “about” to do, do it. You’ll never get to the destination if you leave the car in the garage. Maybe the first step is to make a phone call, to get off the couch, to put down the remote, or to apologize to someone close to you. Whatever you need to do, your first step is crucial!

You don’t know what you have till it’s gone
Unfortunately, this one is too often true. It’s true with people, with places, and with experiences. It’s often in looking back to what we used to have or who we used to know that we appreciate it the most. How do we fix that? We can’t completely, but we can learn to live in the moment and thank God for the little things.

Your turn… what old sayings do you find still true?


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