Baseball Cards, Life, & Value

BASEBALL CARDSPeople collect different things for different reasons. Some collect stamps. Some collect antiques. Some collect coins. Growing up, I collected baseball cards.

One of the things that I quickly learned about baseball cards is that they can be really valuable. If you don’t know anything about them, some baseball cards can sell for thousands of dollars.


For a piece of cardboard. Usually it’s because they’re rare or limited, but still, that much money for cardboard is kind of crazy.

Do you know what sets their value?

How much someone’s willing to pay.

A baseball card is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, not because that’s how much it cost to make, but because that’s what someone’s willing to pay for it.

Just a reminder,

Jesus paid the ultimate price… the highest price for you and for me.

Be encouraged,

Your value is high. You matter. You are significant.

Not because of what you’ve done, but because of Who paid the ultimate price.

Rest in that today!


  1. Whenever the topic of value comes up, I always make the case that God is an amazing economist, and he wouldn’t pay the ultimate price for something that has no value to him. We aren’t perfect or flawless, but God values us enough to pay the price of His son. Now that’s valuable!


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