How To Not Be Average

AVERAGEOur city still has a Shoney’s Restaurant. Many of them have closed, but several are still around… at least in my neck of the woods.

I don’t really eat there often, but the other day I was pulling out of the church parking lot and saw the Shoney’s across the road. I had to wait a few minutes for my turn to pull out of the church parking lot so I started reading the signage around the restaurant’s building. On the front windows, it said, Breakfast Coffee Steak Chicken Seafood That’s quite the variety! It got me to thinking…

When we try to do everything, we usually end up doing nothing well. Sure, we may have a lot of offer, but none of it will be that desirable…. at least not to most people.

To put it another way…

Sometimes we have to lay aside what’s good for what’s God’s.

If you’re a young leader, we need to get this principle early. We need to say no to some good stuff so we can say an excellent “yes” to what God has called us to.

If you’re an experienced leader, maybe you need to grasp this concept. You can’t do it all and do it all well.

Shoney’s is just kind of average. I don’t want to be!

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