3 Things We Should Keep Doing

KEEPDOINGThere are some things in life we just can never get enough of. For me, one of those things is mexican food. :-)

On the other hand, there are important things that we should never quit doing no matter how much we’ve done it in the past. Here are a few…

Offering love.

Sometimes we get hurt when others don’t return our love, but it doesn’t mean we can quit doing it. Love involves us putting our heart on the line. We have to risk it and love on people. We can never stop it.


I have a saying I always use when I do something that fails or doesn’t go as planned. I always say, “Well, you live and you learn.” We have to always be willing to learn from our mistakes and from the instruction of others. No matter how much we think we know about something, we must be willing to learn more.


I’m a pretty stubborn person. When I can’t get something to work the right way, I usually don’t quit until I get it right. We can’t ever quit trying. We have to continue to try. No matter how hard life gets, we must keep doing our best.

Anything to add to the list?

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