Life Lessons From Twitter

LESSONS_TWITTERLess can be more
You only get 140 characters

Like in twitter, sometimes less is more. I’ve learned this lesson in many conversations I’ve had recently. You see, I like to talk. I’m learning, though, that sometimes I can learn more by saying less. Just listening can go a long way in us learning and others understanding that we care.

More isn’t always better
More followers can mean more spam

On twitter, more followers doesn’t always mean a better experience. Many times gaining massive twitter followers means that we have spam bots following our account. If you’ve ever gotten an odd “click there” direct message, you know that it isn’t a good thing. Just because you have more, doesn’t mean it’s better.

Relationship requires time
Don’t ask for a retweet if I don’t know you

Twitter has its fair share of “I’ll ask for a favor even if I don’t know you” kind of people, but the ones that are good at it know that relationship building takes time. It requires engagement on both sides before we ask for retweets and favors. In life, building relationship takes time. Sometimes in our text and quick conversation culture we forget that. Be patient and be engaged before expecting a solid relationship. Trust develops over time.

What else can we learn from twitter?

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