How Leaders Are Tigers

TIGERLEADERA few weeks ago I was watching TV and saw an interesting program title on National Geographic. Having found nothing particularly great on before, I stopped to watch a little while.

The show was about some of the wild’s most dangerous animals. One of the animals they mentioned was the tiger.

As the show continued, they told us that the tiger can run at a top speed of 30 miles per hour. 30! That’s pretty stinking fast. The catch is, though, that they have very low stamina. In fact, they showed a chase between a tiger and another animal that ended in the tiger running out of energy and missing out on a meal.

Instead of chasing down prey, a tiger has to be more strategic. Because of the low stamina, tigers plan out their prey and meals. They sneak up on animals and then pounce, not having to run fast very long.

Here’s the lesson I took away…

As young leaders, we are some of the church’s and the world’s greatest. We have incredible potential.

We have to plan our attack.

We can’t just run at top speed all of the time. Even though we’re young and fast, we’ll run out of stamina.

This is something that I’ve recently learned in my own life. I have to plan out the “bursts” in my leadership and life and rest in between. I can’t always run at 30mph, sometimes I have to run slower and plan out when I’ll run top speed.

All leaders need to learn to pace themselves. Sure, you may be a “top dog” and have incredible vision and passion, but your stamina is limited!

Be strategic!

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