4 Lies We Tell Ourselves

liesNo one likes to be told lies.

No one likes to be mislead or believe something about someone or something that just isn’t true.

The truth is, though, is that we live in a society and a world that is constantly telling us lies. The worst part, many times we tell ourselves lies. As a result, we’ve mislead ourselves by allowing culture to form what we believe about ourselves and our life.

Here are 4 lies we often tell ourselves…

I’m too good
Many of us younger folks have been raised with a “they’re gonna have it better than me” mentality from our partents. This is a great attitude and was a great place to parent from by our parents. The result, though, is often that we’ve become spoiled and feel “too good” to do certain things.

The truth is that Jesus didn’t come to be served, but to serve. Jesus said that the one who loses his life will save it. We aren’t too good for anyone. We have to love and serve… first!

I’m not worth it
For centuries, humans have played the comparison game. We compare ourselves by looking at what others have and what they look like. After comparison, we often come to the place that we say we aren’t worth it. We have trouble believing that we’re worth much of anything.

The truth is that, through Christ, we are worth it. I’m valuable because He says I am. I’m no longer identified with myself or how I look or what I’ve done, but I’m identified by who He is in me.

I can’t do it
Some things seem so far fetched that we tend to believe we’re not able. Maybe it’s something that’s been placed on our heart or something that we’ve dreamed of doing. Maybe it’s something our emploryer asked us to get done. Whatever it may be, we often default to “I can’t do that.”

The truth is, you can do everything that God has called you to according to His strength working in you. Sure, the vision may seem big and the calling may be somewhat overwheliming, but you can.. through Him. Believe Him even if you can’t believe in yourself.

It only affects me
“Do what you want to do, it’s not hurting anyone esle.” How many times has our culture scremaed that message at us in some form? It seems to bombard us from every turn. We are lead to believe that our actions are our actions and don’t touch or affect anyone else.

The truth is, what you and I do DOES affect those around us. It’s a biblical concept that our society has ignored. Before you go and do what you want, remember that it will touch someone esle.. your family, friends, spouse, or coworkers.

What other lies do we tell ourselves?


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