3 Questions Great Young Leaders Ask

QUESTIONS“You’ll never know if you don’t ask.”

How many times have we heard that or even said that statement? A bunch. There’s a good reason for that, though. That statement is true. We never know what we’re unwilling to ask or find an answer to.

As young leaders, one of the greatest practices we can learn is to ask good questions. Asking good questions to ourselves and others helps us grow, mature, and learn.

Here are 3 questions great young leaders ask…

Is it time?
I’m one of the most impatient people on the planet (working on that). I don’t like waiting in lines and I don’t like sitting still long. When it comes to things in leadership, I always want to do it now. If I have an idea that needs implementing, I want it now. If I think someone needs something in order to succeed, I want to get it to them now. One of the good questions I’ve learned I’m learning to ask is, “Is it time?” I ask this question of my leaders fairly often. Sometimes the answer is no and sometimes it’s “yes.” Either way, I know I’m impatient as a young leaders so it’s a great question. Don’t jump too soon… Once you go with something, it’s hard to pull back.

If you are leading under a great leader, you’ll be able to ask “Why?” without fear of feeling like you’re questioning his or her authority. For young leaders, asking “Why?” is critical because it opens us up to learning things rather than simply completing tasks. As a result, we’re forming a bank of understanding tough decisions and situations.

How can I help?
This one is critical! Ask your leaders this question. Serve them well. Do things that takes the pressure off of them. Find out how you can take on some of what they do. Serve them.

For those of you that are younger leaders, what good questions do you ask your leader? Experienced leaders, what questions should we ask?


  1. That “why” question is so tricky and I am so glad you added the part that said “If you are leading under a great leader.” Because even after serving well, taking pressure off of the leader and submitting humbly, asking “why” can backfire in your face. It was taken as a direct challenge to authority. I’ve been there. Thanks for this and all the post you share.


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