3 Small Things That Make A BIG Difference


Several weeks ago, the area I live in had a pretty severe ice storm. Now, when I say “severe” I mean severe for us in the South (I know you northerners scoff at our snow). It was bad enough that most everyone lost power for some period of time, cable was out all over the area, and trees littered the roads and lawns.

My house lost power for several hours and we spent much of the day after most of it had melted cleaning the yard of limbs and trees.

After it was all kinda cleaned up, I started thinking…

It doesn’t take something big to cause BIG effects. Something as small as some frozen rain drops and ice can cause mass destruction for an area.

There are other things much like that. Things that you and I see in our everyday lives that may seem small, but can make a big impact on what it touches.

Here are 3 small things that can make large differences…

Our Thoughts
What you and I think matters. It may seem small to think the worst and to think negatively about ourselves and the situations we’re dealt, but it does matter. If we fail to control our thinking and allow wrong thinking to control our minds, those little thoughts begin to change what we believe and how we act. A cycle of negative thinking results in a habit of negative action.

Our Words
What you say matters. What you and I say about ourselves, our situations, the people around us, and our lives matters. Words have power. Though seemingly small, our words have the power to create things in our lives. They have the power to change what happens to us and how we’re viewed. Words really are a big deal. As Paul compared them to a rudder on a boat, they have the power to steer our lives (James 3).

Our Time
Our time is often our most valuable resource. Sure, those minutes you and I waste may seem small at the time, but when added up, they matter. Time is contrained and controlled. We can’t create more of it, but we can use what we have…the best we can. Use your time wisely…on things that matter… on things that count… on people you love.

What other small things make a BIG difference?

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