5 Things Leadership Is Not

Leadership is helping people be at their best while accomplishing something greater than themselves, but it is NOT manipulation. Manipulation is done in an attempt to coax someone to do what we want them to do and feel a way we want them to feel. Manipulation is what happens when a leader (or anyone) uses someone else for selfish gain. It’s not leadership

Jesus said it best when he said, “I’ve come to serve, not to be served.” That means he lifted those up around him while become a very human himself. Real leadership doesn’t tell others why they’re not good enough or why they can’t do something. Leadership lifts up, breathes life, and empowers.

Leading by telling people what to do is not leading, it’s dictating and demanding. Real leadership welcomes other ideas, philosophies and even takes those opinions to heart. Listen leader, people will be much more loyal and hold on to excellence much more if they get input. If they have input, they’re no longer doing your tasks, but THEIRS. That makes a huge difference.

If you lead anything for any amount of time, you know this. People will bless you, people will love you, people will dislike you, people will betray you and hurt you. It’s not easy, that’s why it’s worth it when you lead people to a goal… It was difficult to get there, but it made a difference.

Leadership requires decisions to be made, often on the fly. Something I’ve already learned as a young leader is that things don’t always go as planned. When people are involved, predictable rarely happens. Be convinced of the vision and it’s much easier to make those unpredictable decisions. Then, you can make them with boldness, swiftness, and conviction.

What else is leadership not?


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