4 Things I’ve Learned From T25 Workouts

T25Over the last few months, I’ve changed up my running and workout routine a little. After a couple of years of mostly running for exercise, I started looking at something that would vary my routine a little and help me build some muscle. Being an impatient guy and someone who doesn’t really like to work out, I loved when I first saw the T25 workout DVD’s.

I got a copy off of someone of Craig’s List and immediately began to stick to the program (the workout portion at least, still working on the eating well thing).

After about 8 weeks of the program, here are some things I’ve learned that I think we can apply to many areas of our lives…

Consistency is key
– Even though the T25 workouts are only 25 minutes, it’s still vitally important that I’m consistent with doing them everyday. When I skipped a couple of days at the beginning, I noticed a drastic difference.

– No matter what you and I do, we have to practice consistency. In fact, I’m really convinced that many of history’s greatest and most influential people didn’t get that way because they were that much smarter than anyone else, but that they were consistent enough with their idea and work to make a dent in history.

A lot can be done in a little time
– If you’re not familiar with T25, they are a series of 25 minute workout sessions. The idea is that if you work hard for 25 minutes and don’t take rests and work the right muscles, you can get equal results to a much longer workout. It doesn’t take long and the time goes by quickly, but it does always feel like a solid workout.

– We can do a lot in a little time when we’re focused. It’s amazing what you and I can accomplish when our focus is on target and our minds are concentrated on a goal. It doesn’t have to be about the time spent, it can be just about the results. Work hard and you may not have to work as long.

Failure isn’t an excuse for quitting
– When I first started T25, I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises. It wasn’t that I was that out of shape, it was more that they were just too complicated and I was too uncoordinated. As time went by though, I got better and better at doing the exercises and routines that the program calls for. Even though I couldn’t do everything perfectly at first, that didn’t stop me from getting better.

– No matter what you’re doing, don’t let failure be an excuse to totally give up. I really believe that the dreams we have often don’t come true because we give up 1 or 2 tries before we were about to have our breakthrough. Failure is just a bridge to success. Build the bridge.

Having a plan gives you confidence
– When I’ve tried workout routines other than running in the past, I never really had a great plan. As a result, I was never really sure if I was doing the right thing, if I was doing the exercise the right way, or if I was working out the right muscles. T25 helps with all of that because it comes with a plan to succeed.

– We often fail to get a breakthrough because we don’t have a plan. Sure, activity is a must and effort is essential, but without a map and a plan to make it happen, we’re just aimlessly beating the air… success, if it occurs, will simply be a stroke of good fortune.

If you’ve been thinking about a new workout program, I’d recommend T25. For the rest of you, what’s something you’ve learned from working out?

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