2 Suggestions For When You’re Hopeless

HOPELESS2Hope is one of life’s most basic needs. I know that sounds odd. I know things like food and water are supposed to be in the top of the list, but we should add hope to that list as well.

Those that have lost hope or don’t have hope will tell you just how much of a necessity it is.

Hope is that thing that pushes us forward when we want to give it all up.
Hope is that thing that forces us to hold on when it makes all sense to let go.
Hope is the fuel that allows us to run on fumes.

As long as we have some hope, we still have a chance.

Think about it…

That sports team that’s down just a few near the end of the game finishes strong because they still have hope of winning at the end.

That sports team that down big near the end of the game, gives up and throws in the towel.

Hope keeps us strong. If you have it, you always have a chance of coming out of the funk and coming back to win by the end of the game. If you don’t have it, you limp across the finish line… If you finish at all.

If you’re without hope, here are 2 suggestions…

Reach Up // Pursue Jesus

– It may seem simple, but if you lost hope, be sure you’re connected to Christ. When life begins to look hopeless or when bad things happen, it’s tempting to withdraw and pull back from Christ.

– Keep pursuing Him. Keep reading the Bible. It’s full of promises that offer us so many reasons to have hope. (Suggestion: Start in John)

Reach Out // Serve others

– There’s something about serving others that changes us and our perspective. The people you serve don’t have to be pekole that are less fortunate, just serve the people around you. It’s crazy what healing others does for us.

– We’re created to be community related beings… Being in community and serving those In that will fuel you.
If you’re in that hopeless spot today, don’t give up.

– Reach up to God, reach out to help, but don’t give up!

Titus 3:7 so that being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

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