Change How You Do Without Changing Who You Are

who_whatThere’s an common saying in ministry that says,

“The message doesn’t change, but the method must.”

That’s a great principle. It means that as churches and ministries, we have to constantly be listening to God’s lead and be in tune with culture and the people we’re trying to reach. It means we have to know the culture we’re doing ministry in and do whatever we think it necessary to reach the people in that culture.

It means that we can never get too convinced on how we do what we do. We can’t be married to the way we do things, who does them, or how often they’re done.

It’s a great principle for ministry, but it’s also true with us as people.

We can’t change the core of who we are.

We can’t change how God made us, how He equipped us, and the things He gifted us with. Sometimes, we can tweak those things and He’ll add things to us, but we are still who He made us to be

We have to hold tight to who God made us to be and the core of our beliefs, but we do have to change how we do what we do.

  • It’s okay to do something for a while one way and change it up.
  • It’s okay to have different traditions this year than the year before.
  • It’s okay to drive to work a different way even though you used to go the same way.
  • It’s okay to love the people around you by showing it in different ways than you used to.
  • It’s okay to spend time with God differently than you always have.
  • It’s okay to try new foods.
  • It’s okay to go on vacation to different places.
  • it’s okay to try new hairstyles and clothing styles.

It’s okay to change. I think we know that, but we often get in the rut and fail to remember it.

Sometimes, there’s nothing more freeing than changing things up.
Sometimes, changing how we do things can bring new excitement to our life and relationships.

If you’re in a rut today, change things up.

Just a reminder that it’s totally okay!

Have you changed it up recently? What’d you do?

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