When Silence Speaks

SILENCEIn the silence we find who we’re really meant to be.

It’s tough, I know.

It’s tough to find the time, the moment, and the place to get quiet.
It’s tough to slow down the world around us and step aside for a little while.

Tasks, responsibilities, work, and the people around us often prohibit us from being quiet and still before God.

It’s in that silence, though, that we allow him to speak into us and allow him to help us become all that He wants us to be.

It’s in that silence that God works into the depths of our heart and molds us to be like Him.

God whispers. We have to get quiet enough to listen.

Just something I’m remembering today… Hope you will as well.


  1. Every semester we do a retreat for college students and at each retreat, we have about an hour to an hour and a half of silence – no music, no talking, no praying out loud. Just you and God and complete silence. Students tend to be Leary of it at first, but every one hears from God at some level. Silence is so important. I try (emphasis on try – not always good at it) to have times of silence regularly. It’s how I hear from God most clearly.


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