What My Dog Teaches Me About Being Close to God

DOGIf you have a dog that lives in your house, you know what it’s like to drop a crumb on the floor and not have to pick it up. If you have a dog, the dog will usually get to the potato chip or the bread crumb much faster than you can bend over and pick it up. In fact, sometimes have a dog to pick up crumbs is a great thing. It means you can bend over less and mop your floor less as well (just kidding, you should still mop your floor).

We do have a dog at our house. Our dog is part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell. Needless to say, he’s a hyperactive, eat anything machine. He loves to eat gum wrappers, dead animals, bugs, socks, you name it, he’ll eat it. His favorite thing to eat, though, is whatever Melissa and I are eating. Every night when we sit down to eat supper, our dog sits in the floor right under our feet.

The dog’s hope?

He hopes that when I eat that I’ll drop some on the floor beside me. He’s hoping that in my excitement over what’s on my plate that I’ll drop some in close proximity so he can have a taste.

He’s always close, waiting on something good.

My dog is smart.

You see, my dog knows that if he stays close to me that when I accidentally drop something or if I just get nice and give him a small bite, he’ll be right there.

We could learn a lot from that dog.

So often, when we don’t see God directly blessing us at the moment or we don’t have a miracle to celebrate, we drift away from God.

We don’t try to stay close to him or grow in our relationship with Jesus. It’s easy for us to drift away if we don’t see him directly working in our life and situation.

We should stay close to Him so that when He does call, we’ll hear. We should stay close so that when He does give us something good, we don’t miss it.

Stay close to God… regardless of his activity.

Smart dog!


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