Why 1 Is My Favorite Number

oneOne is the most underrated number in the world. The number one is only looked at as a good thing when we talk about winning a race or coming in “1st Place.” Any other time we hear about the number 1, we see it as a negative thing… like we’re just getting started or we’re almost out. It’s so close to zero that it’s seen as being a place we don’t want to go and don’t want to be placed.

The number 1, though, is my favorite number. I guess over time, I’ve come to appreciate the number for two different reasons…

One contains the excitement of beginning

1 comes at the start of something new. In order to lose 20 pounds, we have to experience the excitement of losing one. In order to get to 60 days smoke free, you have to get to one. In order to do anything, you first get to experience the excitement of the first.

Start well. Let one propel you on to bigger and better numbers. Let one cause excitement for more.

Start well.

One means you’re almost done

1 means you’re finishing strong. It means you’ve already ran the other miles or you’ve already traveled the other distances. One means you can see the finish line and will sprint to it.

Finish well. Be excited about only having one left and let it cause you to push through being tired, disgusted, or bored.

Finish well.


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