A Productivity Tip // Why You Should Do It In the Morning

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I’m not a morning person.

In fact, for people that are morning people, know that I don’t get you. I want to be like you. I like the idea of living life the way you live it. I love the idea of meeting God early in the morning and taking advantage of the time of day when the world is asleep.

I just can’t. I’m not wired to jump out of bed and get moving.

It takes me a while to get going. I often even joke about quitting my job every morning when I first get up. I have to slowly wake up before I can get anything done. Once I’m up, have had some water, and have taken a shower, I’m usually pretty good to go… before that? Not so much.

That being said, the mornings (after I’ve finally woke up) are my most productive times. I get tons done between 7:30 and 11 am. As I’ve grown in responsibility as young leader, I’ve come to realize that if I have something that’s going to require some strain or drain, it’s best to…

Do it in the morning.

No matter how you’re wired, you have the most brain power and concentration power early in the morning. Schedule your day to reflect that.

In the morning,

  • have the tough conversation
  • do the tasks you’re least looking forward to
  • complete what may have you stuck the day before

Use the morning, no matter when it starts for you.

Just a little tip I’ve learned along the way.

What else could you say about this or productivity as a whole?


  1. Hal Baird

    We have that in common. I joke with people that, while I rise out of bed at 6:15, I don’t start functioning until 9. I am definitely a later in the day person. I think I need to discipline myself to tackle some of the issues you’ve raised.

  2. I’m not really a morning person, but I get up early by necessity.

    A tip? Touch it once. Whether it’s an email, blog post you’re reading, or whatever. Don’t over-organize and waste time on filing systems. Read the email, respond, archive (or delete), done.

  3. I’m a morning person. Don’t judge me. :)

    I love your perspective. But don’t overlook the time when you’re naturally most productive. If you’re a night owl, save some projects for when you’ve got creative energy.

  4. I have realized that it is best to get things done early! Early productivity provides fuel for the remainder of the day. Personally, it is a challenge and somewhat difficult to get going in the morning. I admit, I am a procrastinator. I have believed the lies “it is ok” and “ I do my best work under the gun”. As a young adult pastor, seminarian, and a HR manager time is so valuable. Thanks for your perspective, it is serving as confirmation for me!

  5. I am not a morning person either, but I’ve found that starting my day by making a list of what needs to get done and what I want to get done helps me be productive and stay on top of things when the afternoon slump hits.


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