2 Things I Want People To Say About Me When I’m Dead

We don’t really like to think about death. Not that we’re necessarily scared of it, but it kinda puts a damper on everything when we start to think about it or plan for it.

I do, though, think we kind of write our own funeral over the years of our life. The things we do, the priorities we have, and the way we treat other people all lead to what people will really think of us while we’re here and when we’re gone. For me, there are 2 main things I want people to say about me now and forever…


I understand the power of an encouraging word. I’ve experienced being encouraged and empowered and lifted up. I want to be the person that does the encouraging. I want to be someone that is able to pick people up and find the good in all the bad they see. I want people to want to be around me because they know they’ll leave me in better spirits than when they came to me. I want to be that person that makes people believe in themselves and the calling God has placed inside of them. I want to be encouraging… no matter what I’m doing or where I’m going.


Honoring goes hand in hand with encouraging. I want to be someone that honors other people. I want people to know me and remember me as someone that always placed their needs ahead of my own and sacrificed my wants for what they want. I want to be a person that honors the people around me by serving them. I want to honor the people God has placed in leadership above me. I want to honor the people that I lead and the people I’m around. I want them to see me as someone who honored God by obeying him and by following Him with all I have.

Those are my 2. What would be yours?


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