3 Things Jesus Never Did


We all remember when that was the hot button thing to say when a friend of yours was about to do something wrong. We were even told to ask ourselves, “WWJD?” when we were faced with a temptation. That trend lasted through the late 90’s/early 2,000’s. We had bracelets and bookmarks and clothing with What Would Jesus Do? on them. That trend would eventually go away, but in it all, we never talked about things Jesus wouldn’t do.

Here are 3 things Jesus never did while He was on earth…

1. Avoid Sinful People and Places

Jesus loved sinful people. It was the religious people Jesus had the trouble with. Somewhere along the line, some churches have begun teaching that it’s not right for us to be around sinful people or in sinful places if we’re followers of Jesus. It seems to me, though, that that’s exactly what Jesus did. He sought out the sinful and confronted the religious. Jesus went to places where sinful people would be and was around sin itself. Jesus sought to bring people to Him, not avoid anyone that was different from him. (see Mark 2:17)

2. Tell Us That Following Him Would Be Easy

Jesus never said following Him would be easy. In fact, Jesus said that because He’s rejected, we would be. We’re told to take up our cross and follow him. We have to deny ourselves, go against the crowd in our behavior (not avoid the crowd), and we have to have our faith tested. Following Jesus is hard. If you don’t think it’s tough, you aren’t doing it right. Jesus never said it’d be easy, just that it’d be worth it. He also promised that He’d help us. (see John 16:33)

3. Wimp Out

Jesus never wimped out. Sure, he handled things with grace and he practiced turning the other cheek, but he never wimped out on anything. Jesus actually acted in boldness. He went against culture and against the religious of the times. He took Old Testament law and took it up a notch. Jesus didn’t wimp out. We shouldn’t either. We should love, but we shouldn’t get pushed over or every wimp out. (see 1 Corinthians 16:13)


  1. Elizabeth

    JESUS loved all people..He came for the sick not the well.
    The well need no physician…All to often we hang with the well, and the sick stay sick…..

  2. He also didn’t allow “success” from making him settle is something that wasn’t what God wanted. When the crowds got too big, he moved on. When the people were ready to follow him, he died. His goal wasn’t success, it was obedience.


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