How We’re All Human And Why It’s Tough

It’s hard being human.

You know what I’m saying? In fact, it’s so hard that we’re really good at it. What I mean is it’s tough being human because we think things and do things that we have no business thinking and doing.

It doesn’t take you or I long at our local Wal Mart or mall to see someone that we look at or interact with and think, “what an idiot!” We see them do something or wear something or interact with someone and we jump to conclusions about who they are and why they’re doing what they’re doing.

We shouldn’t, but we do. We’re human.

  • And so we see someone be less than polite to the checker and we make the judgement that they’re a jerk.
  • We see someone cut us off in traffic and we make the assumption that they’re selfish.
  • We see a mother ignore her children and we assume she’s a bad mother.
  • We see a public figure fall and assume they’ve always been like that.
  • Someone we lead makes a mistake and we start to believe they just don’t care.
  • Our spouse forgets to check up after we have a difficult day and we assume that they’ve quit supporting us.

The truth is, though, we’re all human.

Being human, we all have problems. As someone once said, “All God’s children got problems.” Our problems change our behavior and interactions.

Regardless of the problem is caused by us or not, we all have things we’re dealing with, burdens we’re bearing.

So, as a reminder to you and me… Me really… Let’s think about what could be going on in that person’s life that we see at Wal Mart or that cuts us off in traffic.

Let’s think about what could be wrong in their world and offer some grace rather than judgement.
Let’s offer positivity rather than negativity.
Let’s assume they have a reason rather than condemning them for not having one.

We’re all human. And it’s totally okay. We just have to understand that everyone else is too.


  1. Reminds me of that insurance commercial of human mistakes that is being shown on TV right now. The only one I have problems with in your list is #1. I have to admit I assume that to be true. Also add being rude to a waitress, especially a good one, by leaving no or a cheap tip.

    1. Yeah. The tip thing is just horrible. I do think we have to offer people grace though… if the checker was rude, we’d have to do the same thing. People have bad days… doesn’t make it right, just human. We also have to remember that unbelievers are going to act like unbelievers… think we lose sight of that sometimes.

      Thanks, Bill. Great thoughts!

  2. We are “humans being” and not just human beings. When I think of all that is within our grasp and how we throw it away for so much less, it blows my mind (and convicts me too!).


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