2 Myths About Millennials

The millennial generation (those in their 20 and early 30’s now) has managed to gain a lot of generalizations about their attitude and work ethic. We’ve been called a lazy generation and a generation that is better at criticizing than helping. Sure, some of us certainly have played into the formulation of that stereotype, but across the generation, a lot of what people assume about us simply isn’t true.

Here are 2 myths that many people have believed about millennials that just aren’t true…

1. They aren’t willing to work.

The truth? We’re willing to work… hard. We’re willing to give it all we have if we know the reason for doing it. You see, busyness and activity aren’t necessary to us, we want to accomplish something along the way. Instead of giving a millennial tasks to do or a list of steps, give us a goal, something to accomplish. We’ll work. We’ll work and we’ll celebrate the end result… just allow us to see it.

2. They aren’t religious.

The truth? There’s never been a germination more hungry for wisdom and a belief system. Too often, we’ve been shown a faith that doesn’t seem to have any effect on life. We want to know the transforming power of what we believe in. Want a millennial to accept Jesus? Show how much transforming power there is in a relationship with Him. Want a millennial to come to your church, show the results of what your church is doing. We are a generation built around causes and cultural change. The Christian faith has a huge opportunity, we have to forget the myth.

For the millennial readers, what other myths do you see?
For other reader, what do you see in my generation?

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