Young Leaders: You Have to Adopt This Trait

We’ve all been there. We start out doing something with the greatest conviction possible.

We work hard to rally people around us to help us.
We put a lot of time, dedication, and preparation into making sure it’s done right.
We put energy into training other people to do it the way we think it’s best done.

We start doing it every week or every month.

Soon, it becomes every other week or month…

Soon, we’ve lost sight of the vision we had for the project in the first place.
What was conviction that something just had to be when we began it is nothing more than slight seen need now.

What kept it from working?
What kept our idea from solving the problem we though it would?
Why did the idea fall through the cracks?

It isn’t that we necessarily chose the wrong people to help us.
It isn’t that we mis understood the need.

It’s our consistency in making sure that it got done.

The greatest leaders I know work from a place of passion and conviction, but they also work from a place of consistency. So many thing in life and leadership hinge on doing them consistently.

Can we do it one time? Sure. Anyone can.

The great leaders, though, go from place to place, time to time… with consistency.
Little by little, they move ahead and see success.

Don’t expect it overnight, expect it when you’re consistent.


  1. Hal Baird

    I found that by cutting back on some of my commitments/projects I was able to do a better job at the ones I have left. My problem has always been saying “No” to a request and it caused me to feel overwhelmed (I’m working on this). Last year I finally decided to analyze my activities one by one and decide if each was a “keeper” or a “let go”. I feel much more satisfied since I had the courage to do this. I feel I am able to give 100% to the ones that are left (although I am still too involved in too many things).


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