5 Quotes That Are Making Me Think

You cannot tie your unmet expectations to how much God loves you. Your expectation should be, “God loves me!”
Artie Davis

Instead of interpreting God’s character through your circumstances, you interpret your circumstances through God’s character.
Steven Furtick

The way to handle constant criticism is to cultivate BOTH a tough skin and a tender heart.
Rick Warren

Study the Bible like a soldier on a mission, not a scholar on a sabbatical.
Mark Driscoll

Sustaining it, marketing it, and growing it are not the same as making it better.
Andy Stanley

What quote is making you think?


  1. Thanks for sharing the quotes, Jonathan.

    Andy’s quote is sticking out the most. Too often we try to dress up and perpetuate a system (process, idea, model, etc) that is broken instead of fixing or improving it.

    I see this in the corporate world and in church.


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