3 Lessons From Sitting Beside a Guy With A Cold

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to Kentucky for something for The Sticks Network. We had been there, done our thing, and were on the last leg of our flight. Right before the plane’s door closed, a guy came down the aisle. Having an empty seat beside me, I knew where he was headed.

He pardoned himself and scooted on in. About a minute or two after sitting down, I started hearing him sneezing and sniffing. The dude obviously had a cold. Here are a few things I learned from the experience…

Sometimes, you just gotta keep going
I don’t mind going out of town for a day or two. In fact, sometimes I enjoy getting away. However, I do always miss my wife. I was ready to get home. I couldn’t turn back, I had to suck it up and sit beside sick dude. Sometimes, things come into our lives and the only thing we can do is keep going. Keep going. Stay on the plane. If you believe in it, suck it up and keep going. Tough, but often necessary.

Sometimes, you gotta take measures to protect yourself
As much as I was willing to stay in my seat, I did take measures to protect myself. I kinda turned away from him and kept thinking to myself, “Don’t scratch your mouth or nose.” The first thing I did as I got off the plane was find the hand sanitizer (OCD a little). You see, I knew I had to protect myself. Sure, we have to trust others in life, but sometimes, we have to protect ourselves. Put those measures in place. Whether you need to protect your time, your integrity, or your family, protect what’s valuable.

Always, care about people
At one time, sick dude went on a sneezing tirade. I was a little fearful for him. He couldn’t seem to stop. After he had suffered through most of it, I asked him if I could get anything for him or help him in anyway. You see, ultimately my life and your life is about people. We have to care about them. We have to serve them. Sure, they may appear ‘sick’ or out of our comfort zone, but they still matter.

Those are my lessons, share one of yours if you’d like.


  1. You’re bigger than Artie. I would have thrown my weight around and made him sick next to sick dude. How’s that for caring and looking out for others? That’s my advice. :) Hope you stayed well Jonathan.


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