3 Ways to Love People

Smiling really is a universal language. It’s crazy how fast offering a smile can brighten someone’s day. The checker at the grocery store, the teller at the bank, the person sitting beside you, and everyone else you come across throughout your day could use some smiles and some love.

Go all out
We live in a “little as possible” kinda world. What I mean is that we’ve become really good at doing just enough to get by, just enough to make it to the next thing. When we go all out to serve the people that lead us, the people that help us, and the people that are around us, we’re showing them love. Shock them with the care in which you serve them and the lengths you go to to make sure you do it thoroughly.

Sacrifice was something that our Savior displayed for us all. We show ultimate love by the sacrifice we’re willing to pay for others. The thing about sacrifice, though, is that it’s not sexy… sometimes, you don’t get recognized for it and sometimes, it doesn’t even make sense. Sacrifice, though is the ultimate show of love, because it asks for nothing back. Show you love them, be willing to sacrifice what you want and even what you need to show love to others.

What would you add? What are some small ways you show love?

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