3 Ways to Get Great Ideas

We all want to have them.

When they come, they have the power to change our situation, our day, or our life.

We all love thinking of great ideas. Whether we’re thinking of ways to have fun, activities for our kids, sermons for our church, lessons for our students, or dates for our spouse, we all like a great idea.

I was thinking about this a few days ago, and came up with these 3 ways to get ideas…

Listen to others. Simply put, they don’t have to come from you. When we listen to the people around us, we can often times use their great ideas. Other times, it may not be that the people we’re listing to has a great idea we can use, but in listening to them, we can think of other things. Numerous times, I’ve been listening to something on the radio, a podcast, a sermon, or a conversation and thought of ideas to use later. Listen to others.

Listen to God. We often devalue the importance of listening to God. God has ideas He wants you to get. God has things to say about different areas of our lives. Spend daily time listing to him on all areas of your life.

This may seem obvious, but take time to sit down and think about the areas in which you need an idea. Different people brainstorm in different ways. Find what works for you and use it. Sometimes, you may need to be by yourself, other times you may want to have people with you. Write ideas on a whiteboard, create a storyboard, write in a journal, or type out the ideas you get during brainstorming… any ideas… none are bad.

Go different places to get ideas. Many times, a change of scenery will help spark fresh ideas and visions. Every ‘creative’ understands this. Go outside, go to the mall, go to the coffee shop, go to a park, go wherever you think you may have a chance of having new ideas.

Those are my 3. Add as you want!


  1. This probably fits under Listen, but I would say, Be Aware. Be aware of what’s happening around you. Great ideas could come from a street sign, a person walking on the other side of the street, a topic on the nightly news, something a friend/spouse/kid said or did. The more aware and in the moment we are now, the greater chance of doing up with great ideas.


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