Drop Everything Else For This One Thing!

We all lead what we would probably consider busy lives.

We all, no matter what we do or the family we have or the job we have, run pretty constant lives.

Over the course of our day, things can pop up outta no where that “need” our immediate attention.

These things, no matter how important the “need” may seem, have a tendency to grab our attention and pull us away from the tasks that we feel are most important.

The tendency, when things pop up, is for us to tend to them quickly or ignore them as we move through what we had scheduled or what we see as most important.

The one thing that we should always be attentive to when it pops up and demands our attention?


Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there that will suck our attention dry if we let them. I’m talking about the people that really need us and our attention.

For many of us, these are our family, friends, people we invest in, people we lead, and people that have needs we can most fully meet.

Don’t lose sight of those people in the day-to-day life.


  1. God has been teaching me this over the past couple of years, in relationship- (not task-) focused Allendale. Thanks for this reminder!

    BTW — 2 football players called me this morning while I was eating breakfast, because they were late for school, on the first day, and they needed a ride.

  2. There are certain people in my life for whom I will drop everything to spend more time with them. They are the people I love, those I’m close to, and the students I’m taking a greater role in investing in them. It’s not possible to do with everyone – I mean, Jesus only had 12 who were the close Him. Great post, Jonathan!


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