When Vision and Strategy Don’t Matter

One of the key elements to being a good leader is being a good dreamer. In fact, I’ve heard it said that leadership is dead if it’s void of vision. I absolutely believe that’s true. Proverbs tells us that without vision, the people perish. Make no mistake about it, vision and dreaming is essential to leadership.

Strategy is essential in leading any organization, family, or individual. We can have vision, but without a strategy to act on that vision, it is essentially nothing more than a daydream. As leaders, we have to have great people around us that help us put the vision God’s given us in place. Churches and organizations spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on gaining a good strategy to reach their target audience. Strategy is a given. It’s a must to leadership.

Vision is great.
Strategy is essential.

Neither matter!

Unless you move.

You see, I’ve come to realize that what separates good dreamers from good leaders i the ability to move with it. Some of history’s greatest ideas are still lying in a moleskin journal or on a white board. (click to tweet that sentence) They were never put into action.

Sometimes, you just have to move.

Dream? Yes. Strategize? Absolutely.

But move!

That idea you’ve been kicking around for your family… move.
That plan you’ve had for changing your workplace… move.
That idea you had to reach your community with your local church… move.

Strategy doesn’t matter where movement doesn’t exist.



  1. What a great article. Perfect length for getting the point across but hitting the necessary content.

    I could t agree more with you about the need to actually move. Nike’s slogan is “these shoes work if you do” and the same is true for vision and strategy, they will work if you do.



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