Do It Right. The First Time

Several weeks ago, Melissa and I had a little plumbing problem.

It wasn’t a big deal. One of those things that we just couldn’t fix, so we had to get someone else. Luckily, we haven’t been in the home that long, so we called our home warranty service. They sent someone out just a day or two later.

The company that came took about 5 minutes, claimed to have fixed the problem and went on their way. Just looking at the issue, I could tell that it wasn’t really fixed. They needed to replace the cut offs under our kitchen sink, but chose to tighten and replace a portion of pipe just above them.

Several days later, our leak still wasn’t fixed. I called the company back. They came, replaced a little more and retightened everything.

We went through this cycle about 4 times.

Finally, after I made the suggestion, they decided that they’d change the cutoffs and stop the leak. It’s fixed now.

Later, I started thinking about how we often hurt ourselves by doing ‘just enough’ and rushing to get things done.

Instead of doing things right, we often choose to just get things done. (click to tweet this statement)

In the end, we save no time or heartache, we only create more.

So, just a little reminder to us all…

Do it right. The first time!

2 thoughts on “Do It Right. The First Time

  1. Amen! I worked construction w/ my dad in high school and “measure twice, cut once” was among the first lessons.

    Funny you should mention home repair. We just bought a house and the windows need fixing. Thankfully they’re under warranty, but we learned the company already “fixed” them a month ago. Too bad they didn’t do it right the first time. :/

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