Young Leader: It’s OK to Admit It

One of the most misunderstood concepts about leadership is that leaders can’t show any sign of vulnerability or softness. As young leaders, this is something that we feel makes us a good leader. The second we appear to be less than all knowing or tough skinned, we begin to think we’re lacking in leadership ability.

As I’ve grown and experienced new things in leadership, I’ve figured out that we’ve been mislead. It’s OK to be a little… soft.

It’s OK to admit…

Admit you are human

You are, right? You’re human. You don’t have it all figured out. You struggle. Things feel out of control at times. You’re lost for ideas at times. You get frustrated at times. Admit it. Yes, even to those you lead. Yes, even if they’re more experienced than you. Yes, even if they’re more talented. You’re just a human.

Admit when you don’t know

When you’re faced with something new, it can be tough as a young leader to admit that you have no idea where to go. Be willing to admit it. You are going to have to go through some firsts in your leadership. Don’t be afraid to ask advice. Yes, even from those you lead. Yes, even from those that are older than you. Admit it. It’s new and you’re a little lost. In admitting it, you can begin to seek an answer and solution. That’s being a good steward of your leadership position.

Admit when you mess up

We all mess up, right? We at least we say that a lot. Especially in Church work. We don’t mind saying the blanket statement, but we don’t like when we have to admit it on a specific occasion. Especially us young leaders. It really sucks to have to admit you messed up. Do it anyway. Don’t try to cover it up or pass the blame. Admit you messed it up. Those following will respect you in the long run.

It’s OK, young leader. Be a little ‘soft.’ Go ahead.


  1. Hal Baird

    I think sometimes when we show our vulnerability (less than perfect) as a leader we command more respect from those who follow us. I think another attribute a good leader has is approachability. Those you are leading should feel comfortable discussing situations with you. Actually it makes them feel important and that they are part of the team working toward a solution.

  2. Pearson,
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    Have a blessed day my brother!
    In Christ,

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