12 Things We Should Never Forget

We tend to forget the important things. When life gets in the way and we get in our routine, it can be easy to forget all that we should always remember. Holidays allow us to reflect a little. Take time today and remember what you should never forget.

Never forget…

  1. Where you came from.
  2. Where you’re going.
  3. Who has helped you make it to where you are.
  4. The people that are loyal.
  5. The honor you should show.
  6. The family you have.
  7. The friends that are there.
  8. The blessings you’veĀ received.
  9. What you deserve.
  10. The grace of God.
  11. The provision of God.
  12. The freedom you have.

What can you add to the list?

One Comment

  1. You could also add:

    1) The Ear of God–He always hears us
    2) The Mind of Christ
    3) The Holy Spirit
    4) And a God who loves you more than you can fathom or think:)

    Great post Jon!


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